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来源:本站 发布时间:2023-01-03

题       目:Microbiome in the food system: challenges and opportunities

报告时间:2023.1.5 16:00-17:00


报 告 人:Luca Cocolin

工作单位:University of Torino (Italy)


       Luca Cocolin, full professor of food microbiology, Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, University of Torino, Italy. He is the author of more than 350 publications that relate to the microbiology of food, most of them (ca. 300) in international journals.

       Executive Board Member of the International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene (ICFMH) part of the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS) ( Member of the Leadership Team of the European Technology Platform Food for Life ( Scientific responsible and master contact for the University of Torino in the EIT Food ( Editor in Chief of International Journal of Food Microbiology.